The strategic ancillary that unlocks post flight ancillaries.

Crafted exclusively for the travel sector.

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They trust us

70% of travelers are silent roamers

They disconnect mobile data and struggle with WiFi. Travelers are overloaded with confusing information and fear using mobile data abroad.

Kolet turns silent journeys into connected adventures

1 eSIM for 190+ countries
with the best local networks

Plans starting at $3.99/GB

100% digital, installation in less than 1 minutes

People on vacation enjoying an ice cream
You are uniquely positioned to offer easy Internet

Offer your customers 1GB of data on us—no credit card, no commitment!

Brand Uplift: Enhance your brand with a valuable offering

Revenue Boost: Unlock post-flight ancillaries to further increase your revenue

No Stress: Easy integration process

Never lose touch with your customers: Handle cancellation or delays easily

We take care of everything

We handle payments, customer service, refunds.

Seamlessly integrate Kolet into your web or app without a single line of code. Or use our secure API to integrate faster than you can book a flight.

Customer success representatives take care of everything and you can monitor the partnership thanks to our real-time dashboards.

A young girl is flying through the air.A young girl is flying through the air.