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Mobile internet, anywhere, anytime with Kolet!

We kept it simple for you

Our app is as easy as 1, 2, 3
Shop a data plan in Kolet app

1. Download the app

Find us on the Play Store/App Store. Navigate to your desired country and pick your data plan.
An eSIM you install once, use for life

2. Install your eSIM

After purchasing your data plan, follow the in-app instructions to install your eSIM. This step requires an Internet connection.
Activate Kolet eSIM

3. Activate your plan

Make sure to activate your plan before take off or right after you land.
Good news! Grab your data plan anytime. It starts the moment you land. Stress-free travel, instant connection!
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You eSIM confused?
What's an eSIM?

It’s like your physical SIM card, but virtual.
With Kolet’s eSIMs, you can buy data plans starting at 3.99$, saving you money while traveling!

It's prepaid, so no hidden cost and no subscription.
You can simultaneously have an eSIM and your local SIM on your phone.

Or have 2 eSIMs activated at the same time.
Keep your local number to receive calls and SMS. Enjoy data at local prices thanks to Kolet’s eSIMs.
eSIMs work on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and even some cars, offering the same functionality as physical SIM cards.

It’s secure and better for the planet!
Still curious? check out our FAQ.

ONE eSIM to rule them all!

No more eSIM-installation headaches
—just keep buying different plans and conquer the world on your travel adventures.
Install once, use forever.
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Last thing to know.

We are not a network provider.
We're the cool kids who work with all your favorite networks to give you seamless connectivity wherever you roam.

Download the Kolet app!

Save money with Kolet. No more roaming bills. No commitment. No hidden costs.

Still need help? Visit our help center to get advices and answers from the Kolet team.
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What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is an embedded SIM card available on eSIM compatible devices.
It provides a smarter and more convenient way to stay connected by allowing you to download data packs directly to your device.
No more scrambling for SIM cards.
No more worrying about losing your local SIM card!

Apple and Android started launching eSIM compatible devices in 2018. There are different ways of knowing if your device is eSIM compatible and is not locked to a specific mobile carrier.
If your device is eSIM compatible, all you need to do is activate the mobile data plan (you purchased via our travel partners or within our app) directly from our app to enjoy our service! 🙌

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team via the chatbot in the Kolet app.

Is my device compatible eSIM?

To access our services, you need an eSIM compatible device. Whether your device is eSIM compatible, depends on the device manufacturer (Apple, Samsung, Huawei just to name few...) and the version of the device you have.

There are 3 ways to know if your device is eSIM compatible:

  • Access our app and if you see an error screen like the one below, then your device is unfortunately not eSIM compatible and you will not be able to use our services. However, we would love to see you again whenever you purchase a new device that is eSIM compatible
  • You can search your device on our list of eSIM compatible devices (we update the list every month) and confirm if your device is eSIM compatible.
  • You can check manually in your device settings
⚠️ This is not all, we also recommend you to validate that your smartphone is not locked to a specific carrier by reading this article. Most of devices that are carrier-locked are usually the ones that you purchased directly from a mobile operator, and the mobile operator has a locking policy for the device (because of the lease that is associated to it).

If your device is eSIM compatible and carrier-unlocked, then good news - you are now ready to purchase, activate and use our services. 🎉

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team via the chatbot in your Kolet app.

Will my physical SIM card still work?

The dual SIM feature provides the flexibility to use 2 SIM/eSIMs simultaneously, offering various configurations:

  • 2 physical SIM cards
  • 1 physical SIM card and 1 eSIM
  • 2 eSIMs (available on iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and later versions)

Dual SIM/eSIMs offer several advantages:

  • 🌍 You can utilize data from a new eSIM while traveling without losing your original number for voice and SMS (note that roaming charges may apply for voice and SMS services, so be sure to check carefully).
  • 📞 You can manage multiple phone numbers on the same device, which is convenient for individuals needing numbers from different countries.
  • 🔒 You don't have to remove your physical SIM card, avoiding the risk of loss.
  • 👔 It allows you to separate your business and personal life by using two distinct numbers.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team via the chatbot in your Kolet app.

Will I receive a phone number with my Kolet eSIM?

Kolet currently provides data plans exclusively so you won't have a phone number. However, you can still call via Voice over IP (VoIP) apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype or Lime. 📞

We're working hard to introduce mobile numbers with calling minutes and SMS capabilities in the near future, allowing you to use Kolet for voice calls and text messages as well.
Stay tuned for updates!

🔔If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team via the chatbot in your Kolet app.

What can I do with 1GB ?

It's great for messaging, browsing, emails, social media and most apps.

If you want to sit back and enjoy HD videos you will probably have to top up, but you can do it directly in our app (at local prices obviously)!

Let's go surfing. 🏄

Still need help? Visit our help center to get advices and answers from the Kolet team.
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